Margaret Ashman - Higher Ground, The Muse Gallery


The Muse Gallery proudly presents 
Margaret Ashman 
Higher Ground
Opening Night 31.10.2019, 6.30-9.00pm

The Muse is proud to present Margaret Ashman, at her first solo show at the gallery. Featured in this new body of work are two distinctive threads; The Ogamu Series –a collection emulating physicality and a sense of movement, and The Mori Series – work encompassing a more reflective and calmer aesthetic.  

Margaret has previously focused on figurative imagery, movement and the human form being the foundation of her narratives. Her recent introduction of forest landscapes creates a new dynamic and allows the artist to explore the interplay of light and space, human form and the geometry and tones of nature. 

 Margaret’s Ogamu Serieswas inspired by video footage of the US dancer Tashara Gavin-Moorehead, as she performed workshops to the Witney Houston song ‘I love the Lord’.  Margaret corresponded with Tashara, who lives and works in California, and was granted permission to use the video footage to make the work. 

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