3'Oclock - Vlada Predelina solo exhibition, Leave of Absence Gallery LOA London


Vlada Predelina ● LOA Nomination #3

Private view ▍17 October 6-9 pm
Exhibition ▍18-22 October 1-6pm
Workshop ▍19 October 3-5 pm

LOA London Stanford Mews E8 1JA

When the Russian-born British artist Vlada Predelina relocated to the Netherlands in 2018, she felt the strangeness of dislocation resurface as something weirdly familiar. In her earlier works the artist had explored the sense of home and its absence through varies hands-on methods. In this exhibition, the artist will connect visitors in the gallery space in London with Predelina's grandmother making Borscht in Russia in a reciprocal manner that explores the global identity we all share in our transcultural contemporary state. Event page

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