Emerging Visual Artist Call Out, Frequency Theatre

  • London
  • crafts, combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, visual arts
  • Bethany Sharp


Frequency Theatre is seeking an emerging visual artist with at least three pieces of existing work which can be exhibited cohesively in one exhibition. 

The successful artist will only be hired if the project gains funding, and will therefore be able to pay you. 

We’re looking for an artist who would be happy to work with playwrights to produce: 


Amalgam is a visual and audio art exhibition in which visitors are invited to choose a pair of headphones when they enter. Three playwrights have responded to the exhibiting artist’s work in order to write audio plays, created by Frequency Theatre, to be listened to whilst looking at the artwork. Visitors are invited to re-experience the artwork three times, each time exploring the exhibition differently due to the new perspective which the different audio play will bring. 

In order to create Amalgam, Frequency Theatre is looking for an artist who would be happy to have their work exhibited alongside the audio element described above. In addition, the artist would be required to take part in a workshop day with the playwrights, in order to communicate the origin of the artworks to them, so that they may better respond in their writing. 

Frequency Theatre will be submitting an Arts Council grant by the 17th of December at the latest, and is looking for an artist who would be happy to provisionally attached to the project. Should this application be unsuccessful, further funding routes will be explored. 

Should funding be found and the project goes ahead, the artist will be paid in accordance with the The a-n/AIR Paying Artists Guide, and in addition will receive a day rate for their attendance at the artist/playwrights workshop. 

Interested artists should email Bethany Sharp: ASAP.