Mouldmaking and casting course

  • London
  • crafts, combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, theatre, visual arts
  • David Neat


A 5-day practical course designed for sculptors, model-makers, prop/puppet-makers or anyone wishing to model and reproduce small forms. It can cater both for beginners with little prior experience or those with specific professional aims. Led by David Neat in his studio in Deptford, London SE8

Next course in 2019:  November 18-22

The practical emphasis of the course is on mouldmaking using a standard, general-purpose silicone rubber and then casting in a few of the commonly used materials .. principally polyurethane resin, casting plaster and polymer-modified plaster ( aka. Jesmonite ). We will be making both simple, 1-part moulds from flat objects and a more complex 2-part mould for a fully 3D object. We will also be covering how to make both solid and hollow castings and working with various fillers and colourants. Time is also put aside during the week to consider other aspects such as .. alternatives to silicone i.e. vinyl and latex; ‘cold casting’ metallic effects; casting in clay slip and methods of painting/patination.

Participants can either bring their own small objects for casting with them or they can choose from my stock of test objects. Independent projects may also be accommodated after discussion in advance if they involve the same, or similar, scheduled materials and processes ..i.e. it may be difficult to give them that much separate attention.

The course is full-time, Monday to Friday, starting at 10.00 and finishing at 5.30 each day. The cost per person is £400 and all practical materials (info sheets and a full instructional CD) are included.

David is a sculptor and specialist tutor/lecturer, author of ‘Model-making: Materials and Methods’ 2008, and the popular ‘making’ blog at  

Contact David at  for further information including a detailed daily schedule.