Acting up - Public artwork: Re-programmed street lighting

  • London
  • interdisciplinary arts, theatre, visual arts
  • Richard


‘Acting up’ is a public artwork for a residential street in Deptford, where the street lighting has been disrupted and re-programmed to misbehave and malfunction. 

At times, the lights collectively pulsate, they might blink randomly, they also sequentially shut down to leave the street temporarily in darkness.

'Acting up' follows on Hards’ practice, where he examines the public realm through a series of programmed interventions. The work playfully disrupts the street lighting system and examines our relationship with the urban environment.

‘Acting Up’ continues to be on display until 3rd November 2019. The work will run from 5pm until 9 pm, daily. It is open to all and is wheelchair accessible.

The project has been kindly supported by the Arts Council England’s ‘Grants for the Arts’ programme.