SWAP Editions No.5 : ISLAND < Open Call > Are You An Island?, SWAP Editions / SKELF

  • International
  • interdisciplinary arts, visual arts


SWAP Editions is partnering with SKELF virtual project space and seeking proposals from artists to produce an art work (as an edition of 18) in response to the question: Are You An Island? 
VIRTUAL > Each selected artist will create their own island that will be situated in the virtual world of SKELF - launching in January 2020. Each virtual island in SKELF will contain visual material and information that represents each of the participating artists, and as an online platform the content will bring together, locate and document all the artists participating in Edition 5.

PHYSICAL > Once all the islands are established online in SKELF each artist will receive a pre-paid postage carton and they will have until 1st March 2020 to physically make and post back their small artwork multiple as an edition of 18 - in response to the question: Are You An Island? ​

EXHIBITION > In Spring 2020 an exhibition will showcase the physical art editions against the backdrop of the virtual islands from SKELF.

EXCHANGE > The art editions are then published into 18 sets and each artist will receive back one of the cartons containing a complete set of all the works in this edition, and all online visual material will be archived on SKELF.
APPLY > To participate in SWAP Editions No.5 : ISLAND > please fill out the form at

DEADLINE > 20th November 2019.