Work, Breathe, Relax, Artizan Gallery


Contemporary abstract artist Tamara Savchenko explores work from her ballet dancer series in this new exhibition ‘Work Breathe Relax’. Exploring behind the scenes of ballet she captures moments of practicing, resting, and stretching, of determination, tired bodies and minutes of quiet repose. Her geometric style expressed primarily through forms of triangles, creates a tension reminiscent of that of the body during practice, the sharp lines and angles at once harsh and fragile. The overall effect is to exaggerate the pain often experienced by the subjects of her work whilst at the same time heightening the delicacy and precision of the artform. Colours are selected in part for their relevance to modern ballet but also to enhance a sculptural effect. As in classic sculptures, where every part of the body is in just right place, in balance and proportion, so in ballet the dancers create momentous transient sculptures which last just a few seconds.