Zero waste sewing with Riccardo Guido, finalist of Sewing Bee, Fabrications - Hackney


‘Zero Waste Sewing’ is a philosophy that encourages the reuse of fabric offcuts, the repurposing of ‘old’ textiles (such as curtaining, tablecloths etc) or the redesign of patterns/garment construction to minimise or create no waste. It encourages us to look at ‘waste’ materials as a valuable resource or be more mindful with the ways we use materials in the first place. As we saw on the recent series of the Great British Sewing Bee, Riccardo has a real talent for creative reuse and re engineering textiles into unique and stylish outfits.

All levels of sewer are welcome but basic sewing skills are recommended. Riccardo will guide you according to your interests and level of ability. However, If you have never used a sewing machine before and would like to attend Riccardo’s class, we recommend attending our Beginners Sewing 1 class first.

On completion of this class participants will confidently be able to:

– look at ‘waste’ textiles from a new perspective

– create your own garments or homeware in a more ‘freestyle’ fashion

– develop sensitivity in combining different cloth colours and print designs

– piece together your own cloth from offcuts also known as ‘Scrap Busting’

– explore a range of creative construction methods

– work with a ‘basic block’ and understand how to create variations and expand your range of items from 1 block

– walk away with a completed item to your taste and style!

To Bring: A collection of textiles you’d like to work with. We recommend not to bring too small pieces and ‘stable’ fabrics such as cotton, linen, light weight denim or wool. If you are unsure on what to bring please do contact Fabrications to discuss further.

WHEN: Saturday 23rd November, 11am - 5.30pm

WHERE: Fabrications, 7 Broadway Market, Hackney, London E8 4PH.

PRICE: £75

TO BOOK: E mail or call Barley on 020 7275 8043 or BOOK ONLINE via Fabrications website CALENDAR