Frame Drum Workshops 23rd Nov / Song and Beat - 7th Dec, Elizabeth Nott and Frame Drums UK

  • London
  • combined arts, dance, interdisciplinary arts, music, theatre
  • Elizabeth Nott


23rd November Workshops:

It's time again to tune in to your heart beat with frame drumming (MidEast Perc)!
Beginners: 11AM- 1PM.
Learn and/or revise basic strokes and rhythms on upright poistion; develop sense of pulse and coordination; learn vocal sounds to help you with subdivisions and rhythms.

Intermediate: 2PM- 4PM
Develop lap style drumming including split-hand technique, improvisation and learning a few prescribed music I composed.
Vocal sounds in conjunction with rhythmic patterns. Melodic vocal sounds to accompany your drumming.


7th Dec: Song and Beat (Part 3: EARTH), and inner journey through voice exploration and drumming

1-4PM.  £35

This time around, for our Winter Season, we will focus on the inner qualities and energy of the element of EARTH: grounding, crystallising ideas/objectives, planning, introspection...

The workshop is for anyone wanting to explore the inner qualities of their voices and rhythmical possibilities with their bodies and the frame drum

Facilitated by Elizabeth Nott ( and Api Ascaso (

Bring your own drum if possible. A few drums available.

Book you place/places no later than a week before course. Email Elizabeth Nott at

Full address given when booking your place