Model-making Techniques Course

  • London
  • crafts, combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, theatre, visual arts
  • David Neat


A 5-day intensive, practical course covering model-making skills for theatre, film, animation or spatial design. Led by David Neat in his studio in Deptford, London SE8

Next course dates in 2019:   December 9-13

David Neat is a professional maker with more than 30 years experience in theatre, film, 3D design, architecture and exhibitions. He is a practicing sculptor and qualified teacher; author of ‘Model-making: Materials and Methods’ a comprehensive, interdisciplinary book on model-making and, since 2012, his instructional Wordpress site  

David’s emphasis in these workshops is on accessible techniques of building, modelling/shaping, surfacing and finishing relevant to designers and makers in various disciplines. There is a focus on ‘realism’ in representation, geared more to theatre and film work, but the aim in keeping the course solidly materials-based is to provide just as much of relevance to model-making for other disciplines such as interior design. Each session will offer a wealth of information, supported by specially prepared examples and worksheets, and clarified through demonstrations and practical exercises. Areas covered include: -

methods of constructing or shaping with card, plastics and foams; methods of casting; modelling with soft materials; techniques of soldering and working with metals; scenics, such as plants and trees; various surface/texture treatments and paint finishes.

Materials are provided, and participants need only bring some basic tools. Each will also bring with them their own varied knowledge and talent, making this a valuable opportunity to discuss and compare personal experience. Whether a beginner, or with more of a hobby interest, or a professional seeking more specific guidance...this unique course will help you on your way.

The cost per person will be £330.

Contact for more information including a more detailed daily schedule.