Writing for Wellbeing - Hibernation & Regeneration, Fire&Air, Read Write Express


Make space for yourself, get grounded and revitalised through meditation and allow your hand to write with imagination 

These workshops provide a supportive space where, through reading, discussion, writing, sharing and listening, participants use different approaches to become more grounded and self-aware through writing and sharing in a friendly and encouraging setting. The workshops may also include other non-writing activities such as 

Saturday morning workshops (SE22)

November - Hibernation

January 25 – Regeneration


Wednesday evening workshops (SE3)

December – Fire Element

January 15 – Air Element

No writing experience necessary, just a willingness to explore and experiment.

Narayani L Guibarra is not only an experienced writing for wellbeing facilitator currently on her research year of the Metanoia Institute’s CWTP Msc but is also an experienced facilitator of yoga, meditation and sound healing.  Narayani is combining elements of these practices together with writing to create a space where you can tune in and access your imagination and awareness at a new level. 

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