Sci-Fi Theatre Network & Workshop, Cyborphic

  • London
  • interdisciplinary arts, literature, theatre
  • Christos Callow Jr


Sci-Fi Theatre Network & Workshop (Part of Talos 2019: Sci-Fi Theatre Festival of London)

2 December 2019

Cyborphic is excited to be hosting a networking event and two sci-fi workshops (the first on AI & Creativity, the second on Sci-Fi Theatre). These workshops will be of interest to anyone interested in science fiction scriptwriting, directing and performance. The event will take place 6-9pm at the Omnibus Theatre in London, as part of the launch of our third Talos: science fiction theatre festival of London.

Dates: 2 December 2019
Venue: Omnibus Theatre (Studio Upstairs)
Cost: Free

For more information and to register: