George Bernard Shaw as music and opera critic - 28th November, The Manchester Lit & Phil


Thursday 28th November, 7pm at the RNCM

In the late 1880s and early 1890s, before concentrating on his career as a dramatist, George Bernard Shaw was a prominent and popular music critic, writing weekly articles under the pseudonym Cornetto di Basso. He was knowledgeable and perceptive about music, in some respects far ahead of his time. All of this emerges in his sometimes devastating reviews of concerts and opera performances, but in his witty, often outrageous articles he also displayed a keen eye for the late Victorian musical scene more generally: the concert-going public, the adulation of star performers, the management and staging of opera.

In his talk, which will be illustrated by photographs, Anthony Ogus will provide an account of the relevant period of Shaw's life and of the contemporary music scene, as an introduction to reading some extracts from his reviews.

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