Butoh Workshop in London, Asian Performing Arts UK

  • London
  • dance, theatre


“This training departs from a physical preparation that aims at softening the body
 inducing specific mental and physical states.
It provides tools to maintain the mental focus for a considerable length of time.

The work focuses on the center of gravity and a continuous flow of energy running through the inside.
There is a search for creating certain conditions in the body so that it starts to move naturally and passively.
Rhythms that arise enthusiasm are explored within this sustained flow in the look for  the emergence of the vital force that triggers the dance.

Moving forward, the sessions encourage personal creations based on the acquired material,
composing dances with a reduction of means towards modesty, simplicity and the search for what is essential.”

Dates: 13th & 15th December 2019 at The Place

13th Dec 6-9pm Studio 10

15th Dec 11-2pm Founders Studio