An Estill Approach to Singing in Musical Theatre, B2 Singing Workshops


An Estill Approach to Singing in Musical Theatre (Thursday 2nd January 2020)

Being able to separate proper vocal function from an aesthetic bias as to what constitutes 'good' singing is an essential skill for all singers and singing teachers. Estill Voice Training helps identify key skills and voluntary muscular control that benefit all voices, regardless of current ability, without locking the singer into one style.  The workshop explores fundamental techniques for singing in Musical Theatre using the Estill model.  Workshop participants will be introduced to key principles to allow them to sing safely and effectively.  They will also be introduced to voice qualities essential for effective singing in Musical Theatre and what qualities are required when auditioning for Drama Schools.

Acting through Song (Friday 3rd January 2020)

The workshop is designed to develop essential techniques to present a song dramatically and successfully.  You will explore how to combine singing and acting to produce a performance that gets you to the next stage.  In particular, auditions for drama schools.  While the workshop focuses on acting through song, it will provide the tools needed to act and sing your song truthfully in an audition situation and make sure you make an impact in those all-important minutes in front of an audition panel.

The workshops run from 9 – 5 and can be booked separately or together.  The cost of each workshop is £55 or £40 (concession).  There is also a 15% discount if both workshops are booked.

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