Painting Exhibition - The Continuous Image, Oceans Apart Gallery


17th January to 14th February 2020

Linda Hemmersbach, Nicholas Jones, Wendy McLean, Matthew Musgrave, Tim Renshaw, Sharon Swaine

‘Completing a picture is much more difficult than beginning it; in fact, it is impossible. I see the development of a picture as a flow of images, halted almost arbitrarily. An idea, or even just a thought, is ripped open, compressed and overlaid, splintered and bundled again, readjusted. […]’ Kurt Kocherscheidt

‘The Continuous Image’ is an exhibition of contemporary painting by six artists based in London, Manchester and Oslo. It presents groups of paintings as sets of objects relating to each other in a specific space and to the energy around them.

Each of the artists seek active images; open, malleable and, at times, unstable forms and spaces. Like a sketch that could be added to or pages in a book to be turned, they negate the finite quality of a painting, hoping for open-endedness, uncertainty and possibility. 

Preview: Friday 17th January, 6-9pm. The exhibition continues by appointment until 14th February. Please email

Oceans Apart – OA Studios – 24-26 King Street – Salford – M3 7DG