New Year Creativity Coaching mastermind offers, The Creative Genius

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  • Heidi Hinda Chadwick


Head into 2020 with clarity, focus, intent, curiosity, alignment, and a direction to walk towards of integrity, truth, daring and joy!

"One of the most amazing breakthroughs of my life ever, during my 3 hours with Heidi Hinda in January 2019, with a HUGE amount of positive difference afterwards! I recommend any of you looking for a creative breakthrough, clarity and guidance like you haven't experienced before, this is a rare opportunity."
Silvia Claudia. Artist. Dancer. Mother. Lover of Life.

Special Midwinter offers (available to purchase until the 1st February. Can be redeemed for up to the next 3 months):

*The Marie Antoinette. 1 X 3 hour face to face (or Skype) intensive. Let us eat cake! At £150 instead of £210.
*The Thoreau. 1 X 4/5 hour walk/talk/afternoon intensive (basically your own personalised workshop space!). Camera/sketchbook/dictaphone optional. £250 instead of £350.

For more information on both these offers, then head here.

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Heidi Hinda Chadwick is a writer, dancer and creativity coach. She runs 'The Creative Genius', offering events, workshops, courses and one-to-one mentoring in supporting the foundations, practical actions and process of creative living. She intends to provide a useful, joyous and playful service to all who work with her. To learn more head over here.