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Artful Publication brings together texts and illustrations addressing obstacles faced by both professionals and public audiences to accessing art forms like theatre, visual arts, dance and music. We hope these first-hand accounts and suggestions can help people think about how accessible their work, their organisation or their industry really is, and what they can do to improve it.

This project began from conversations within the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries cohort of 2017-2019. We wanted to continue discussing the lack of inclusion in the Arts and share ideas of how to make the Arts more accessible to everyone.

Artful Publication is now available to read for free here and free paper copies are available by emailing

Artful Publication is a free, nomadic book without an owner, please pass the link or the printed copy on to someone else after you’ve finished reading!

We welcome suggestions of organisations that would like copies of this publication to share.

Our aim is to make a positive impact on the creative industry by sharing important voices and opinions that are often unheard. If you enjoyed reading this or have any anecdotes of how it has affected you or someone you know please get in touch at

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