Valentines Day Floral Arrangement+Watercolour Painting Workshop, Cass Art Islington


Join us on the 13th of February for an exciting Valentine's Day workshop with Untitled Flowers and JolaPictures!

You will learn how to arrange your own bouquet with the help of florists from Untitled Flowers, followed up by a comprehensive watercolour class where you will paint the bouquet you arranged (or any other floral creation of your choice).

You will leave the class with a finished bouquet and a hand-painted card!

The workshop will start at 3.30PM with the flower arrangement part after which there will be a short break. The second part of the workshop will be the watercolour painting class. Both lessons will last 1.45h.


All supplies included in the price.

Please check out Untitled Flowers website:

And Jola's painting style: