Beyond Resistance (a training course for Facilitators), noh budget films/ 492 Korna Klub

  • London
  • combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, theatre
  • tony cealy


Beyond Resistance (a training course for Facilitators in dealing with Resistance) 

This highly practical hands-on course is particularly suited to facilitators  and group leaders who want to acquaint themselves with the challenges involved in working with ‘hard’ groups within prisons, hospitals, probation centre’s, youth clubs, pupil referral units and holiday schemes. You will be able to experience, practise and learn a variety of techniques in managing and dealing with resistance and disengagement in challenging settings.

  • The facilitator has to perform radical and innovative functions. It’s different from a theatre director, drama teacher, youth leader, a shaman, cultural activist, therapist or a joker, yet it borrows aspects of these roles.
  • The facilitator needs to select the most appropriate games, exercises and techniques to bring out the best of the group, which means looking at the geographical, social and cultural context of the workshop session.
  • The facilitator needs to know enough about participants’ situations to reasonably assess how they’re likely to respond to different stimuli.
  • How does the facilitator deal with the challenges involved in working with ‘hard’ groups behind closed doors? What does a facilitator do? What are the nuts and bolts of facilitation?

Who is this for?

People who are in related professions such arts practitioners, social care, therapy, mental health, education, community arts or personal development as well as students and trainees in such professions.

The training covers techniques with explanations, instructions and suggestions to help you develop your own style and approach. The techniques can be readily adapted to a wide range of difficult settings with adults and young people.

No experience is necessary however a willingness to actively explore new methods of working is an essential requirement. This will also be an opportunity for professional development, networking and skill sharing so as to enable continued high standards of good practice.

London UK 24th April 10.00am – 5.00pm 2020

All Participants receive a free TRAINING MANUAL on completion.