Fool`s Gold - the Cairn and the Wishing Well, ClimateCultures

  • West Midlands, National
  • interdisciplinary arts, museums, visual arts
  • Mark Goldthorpe


In their 'Fools Gold' project, artists Hayley Harrison & Pamela Schilderman - inspired by science and nature - invite visitors to engage in conversations around the climate crisis and our use of materials.

For the exhibition (accompanied by workshops, talks, an animation and a live installation, and funded by Arts Council England and Rugby Council), the artists commissioned ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe to write a companion piece for their programme. This is now published online by ClimateCultures - a unique network and space for artists, curators and researchers to explore creative conversation for the Anthropocene.

Explore notions of value and care through our experience of objects as works of nature, culture & transformation.