Largest Monochrome Exhibit of Self-taught, Disabled & Outsider Art, Jennifer Lauren Gallery


Monochromatic Minds: Lines of Revelation is the largest ever exhibition of self-taught, disabled and outsider artists from around the world, featuring black and white art through a variety of mediums including drawing, ceramics and textiles.

Featuring many previously unseen works from 61 artists, this exhibition brings together emerging artists alongside established outsider artists – artists who create work outside the artistic mainstream field, often by force of internal promptings and with culture not affecting their work. Several featured artists are working out of supported studios showing their work to a wider, more varied audience for the first time. This is an amazing opportunity to see unique work from international supported studios and artists isolated in the community that is rarely shown in the UK, with many of the pieces for sale.

The exhibition runs from 25 February – 4 March 2020 at Candid Arts Trust just behind Angel Tube station in London. Visit for more information.