ANGELS: An Intimate Look at Life in London Strip-Clubs (VAULT), She's Diverse


At a time when the rights of sex workers is becoming more prominent in social justice discourse, Angels offers a close look at an industry which is slightly past its prime, but still the source of many people's income and an important resource for talented and creative women.

Angels follows the story of three dancers on a typical slow night at their London club. Coco (Valerie Isaiah Sadoh), a recent drama school graduate, navigates the strange new world with help from Nicole (Laura Morris), a trans woman who has found sucess and independence at the club, and Gloria (Yuliya Edgley), a veternan dancer from Russia who knows better than anyone the industry is not what it once was. The play is based upon countless true events from the lives of table dancers and aims to challenge people's preconceptions about them.

Angels is the debut play by Diane Herbert, presented by She's Diverse, a production house dedicated to telling women's stories, and directed by multi award winnier Beverly Andrews, it combines drama with animation and pole dance.

"Austerity, free porn and "cashless society"; the golden age of the strip club is long gone, but women keep auditioning with dreams of paying mortgages, supporting their families and pursuing their artistic careers, and those who stay are working harder than ever. Is stripping still worth it? As clubs all over the world close, what will happen to the thousands of women using their special skills and talents to earn a decent living? Based on lived experiences, Angels look at a typical night in the life of three strippers in London and imagines a future that is already fast approaching."

19th-23rd February VAULT Festival 2020

Twitter: @angels_theplay

Instagram: @angelstheplay

With special thanks to Old Diorama Arts Centre, Angels’ first home and Chapel Playhouse