Open Call, Cream Athens


Following the success of Cream Athens’ inaugural 2019 edition, we are delighted to announce our third release entitled N/A or Not Applicable.

Not applicable stands for the appreciation of value, that is currently not focused in the spotlight of society’s attention. The objective is to challenge our daily lives and create conversations on the things that are supposed to free us but end up enslaving us. We live in an era where the need to do things quickly doesn't allow us to pause and reflect. We search for instant gratification, ending up loosing control to first line actions and reactions. Our attention is switched, reducing our efficiency and skills, making us unable to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Artists are invited to explore various ways of presenting different views and challenging current norms on topics such as ethics, beliefs, consumption, sustainability, social inclusion and equality, politics and more. We are searching for artists that don't blend in and works that interrupt our impulsive behaviours and suggest new approaches or bring back traditional ways of working that have been faded during the years.

We welcome artists to submit work as well as a workshop proposal (not mandatory) to share knowledge and inspire new audiences. The selected artists will have the opportunity to exhibit in Central London this summer and host paid workshop/s in a variety of audiences. Submissions will be consciously selected by a jury of prominent art professionals. 

With a proven track record, all of our artists from previous exhibitions have experienced further nominations, award-wins or solo-exhibitions off the back of their participation. As Cream Athens expands, we will see the 2020 program as a core element of strengthening our ties with the UK and embracing our transnational origins which proudly positions us at the cross-section of contemporary visual art practices.

Click here to apply