Callout for artists working in VR, Digital and Augmented Reality, Gallery Lock In/New Grounds

  • South East
  • combined arts, film, interdisciplinary arts, photography, visual arts
  • BethTroakes


Gallery Lock In and New Grounds are looking for emerging artists working in digital, VR and Augmented Reality to be a part of their month-long exhibition 'Body/Nobody' that will take place in Brighton this May.

Artists are invited to submit existing work that meets the broad theme Body/Nobody. Work can be taken literally and/or metaphorically. Body/Nobody has implications of presence, isolation, shared spaces, absence, omnipotence and dissonance. Works should transport the spectator beyond the gallery walls in order to contrast the objects that will be displayed within the space.

The exhibition will increase in density to a point then decrease to just a trace. This leaves scope for it to evolve and for audiences to see the space transform over the four week period.

Interested artists should email images (where possible) and descriptions of work to Gallery Lock in on

The exhibition is supported by Artists Open Houses Festival.