Replay + Reinvent, zine workshop, Revolv Collective

  • South East
  • interdisciplinary arts, photography, visual arts
  • Lina Ivanova


A zine-making workshop suitable for anyone interested in photography.

Fri, 21 February 2020, 13:00 – 17:00

Replay + Reinvent is a zine workshop part of F O R M - an exhibition investigating the topography of the image, taking place between 14th and 23rd February, at Seen Fifteen Gallery, London. Engaging with the shifting landscapes within photography, the work activates new ways of seeing, experiencing and discovering every-day events, news, politics and knowledge.

Revolv invite you to participate in a zine-making workshop based on collective working, which will explore ideas developed in the exhibition and public programme. Blurring lines of authorship and ownership, the workshop will include techniques of collage, appropriation and collaboration, aiming to challenge participants' way of working. The outcome of the workshop will be a unique, one copy hand-made zine, which will be exhibited in the gallery space and exist as a digital zine after.

The materials for this workshop will consist of images provided by Revolv collective and photographs which have been supplied by participants prior to the event. After confirming your attendance by purchasing a ticket, please send up to 15 images to participate in this activity.