Maths Meets Arts Sandpit - Artist Open Call, University of Leicester

  • East Midlands
  • crafts, combined arts, film, interdisciplinary arts, photography
  • Dr. Katrin Leschke


The University of Leicester is inviting artists, through an open call, to send in expressions of interest for an Art-Science project. The project is funded by a University grant and is supported by the Wellcome Trust through the Public Engagement Scheme of the Institutional Strategic Support Fund.  An artist project fee of £1000 is available to the successful artist.

Similarly to the work of artists, research in mathematics may not have immediate and/or financial impact but its research is extremely relevant to science and society. The aim of the project is to investigate how modern research in mathematics, its beauty and its importance, can be communicated to a broader audience. In collaboration with Mathematicians and Artists we aim to find models for demonstrating how mathematicians in associated fields work, what problems they work on, which methods are used and what results they obtain. In some areas, computer graphics already allow to show images of work, however, the deeper beauty of mathematical object often appears for a mathematician from its context in mathematics: the question we want to address in this project is how to communicate this deeper understanding of mathematics to non-experts.

For this programme we are offering one art-science residency between April-July 2020. Additionally, we will support up to two Arts Council applications with match funding.  

These opportunities are open to artists working in the following disciplines: Multi-art form, Crafts, Dance, Design, Film/TV, Visual Arts, Digital, Sound/Music, Performance, Storytelling, Poetry. Participating artists in the residency are being asked to produce new work that will be showcased at the “Maths Meets Arts Festival” in July 2020. Successful Arts Council funded projects are also expected to present outcomes at the festival. For our residencies we actively encourage a collaborative, discursive and open approach not only with the researchers, but also with each other. Participating artists should be prepared as part of the residency to present their work and ideas to scientists, students and academics within the University of Leicester as well as to public audiences