Suzuki Method of Actor Training INTENSIVE 28-29th March, London Theatre Practitioners


We are holding an intensive weekend on the 28th-29th of March from 10-5pm, in Forest Hill, London.

This intensive is open to people of all levels, from beginners to advanced. We would like to invite physical theatre practitioners to join our exploration of the fundamentals of the method and explore the delivery of text. 

The Suzuki method works to build an actor’s awareness of their body, in particular, their centre. The method uses exercises that require great amounts of energy, control and concentration. Suzuki has created rigorous and precise exercises that are designed to antagonise and challenge the actor's control of the body, breath, energy and awareness.

Here is the link to our enrolment page.

EARLY BIRD  £25 (before the 16th of March)


We look forward to training with you.