Meg Huby: Saunter in Springtime at Yorkshire Arboretum


A year long-residency at Yorkshire Arboretum sees artist and scientist Meg Huby creating a body of work that celebrates the circles, cycles and transiences of the arboretum.

Come and spend a morning strolling and sketching among the trees with Meg.

Have a delicious, warming lunch in the cafe and spend the afternoon adding colour and interest to your drawings in the Visitor Centre.

No formal teaching is involved. The aim is to have a fun day and enjoy the Arboretum environment in new ways.

What to bring:

  • A sketchbook: Anything will do, but heavier mixed media paper (220g +) is stronger (less likely to tear) if you want to add paint, ink or glue in the afternoon session

  • A pencil: Or anything else you fancy drawing with - pens, charcoal, graphite, crayon, sticks!

  • Warm clothing: Boots or wellies are always good. Generally dress to suit the weather and don’t wear anything that you want to keep clean

  • A sense of humour!

If you have them, do bring pens, brushes, inks and watercolours for the afternoon. But please don’t worry if you don’t have any. A small quantity of stuff will available for you to borrow or buy on the day.

Meg Huby: Saunter in Springtime 

Cost: £24 (including entry to the arboretum and lunch)