Last chance: Totally Thames 2020 Call Out, Thames Festival Trust

  • London
  • combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, photography, music, theatre, visual arts
  • Sophie Groak


Totally Thames is an annual season of diverse and accessible arts and culture throughout the month of September along the 42-mile stretch of the Thames. It is curated and managed by Thames Festival Trust, working collaboratively with artists, local communities, river interest organisations and businesses to bring the river to life every September.

For inclusion in Totally Thames 2020’s curated programme, we are looking for creative and accessible events and activity that respond to at least one of the following themes:

  • Unusual, hidden or untold stories connected to the River Thames: The River Thames holds the key to London’s history, with stories spilling from its seams at every nook and cranny. We’re looking for stories presented in intriguing ways which spotlight some of the river’s lesser known tales.
  • Plastic Pollution in the River Thames: Plastic pollution in the river is rife; and the river flows to none other than the ocean, meaning that its impact is global. We are interested in artworks, installations and projects that respond to and/or actively tackle and educate about this issue.
  • Mayflower 2020: 2020 marks 400 years since the Mayflower departed Plymouth for the shores of the United States of America. If you have an event or project that holds the story of this voyage at its heart, we want hear about it.
  • River themed Performance Art: We are looking to spotlight outdoor performance as a means to celebrate the River Thames, as we believe that dance, theatre and music perfectly represent the river with their potential to be flowing, dynamic and diverse. We will look particularly fondly on performances that take part in unique or outdoor locations.
  • Mudlarking: This curious practice has captured the imaginations of many, with thousands of historical artefacts found by licensed mudlarkers every year. If your project incorporates or is inspired by mudlarking, make sure you submit.

More information on how to apply can be found on our website. Deadline this Friday 13 March.