Writing Books in a Series (webinar), in partnership with the British Library

  • London, all (webinar)
  • combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, libraries, literature
  • Melissa Addey


Books in a series make better use of your writing time and research, as well as selling better. This webinar look at how to develop and market a series. 

Most full time authors say they only really started seeing financial success in their writing careers once they had written a number of books, not just a one-off. And the books that do best tend to be those in a series. But what if you only have an idea for one book or none of your ideas for multiple books link together? This session looks at how to develop a series as well as how to market it. We will focus on fiction but also consider important points for non-fiction, children’s books and poetry. 

Melissa Addey is on her third historical fiction series and it’s the first she planned as a series, the other two developed into series from individual novels.