Chocolate cake - the gentle art of marketing & fundraising, Chris

  • London, UK wide
  • combined arts, dance, interdisciplinary arts, music, theatre
  • Chris Grady


ZOOM PLATFORM workshop & Q&A Fri 29th May 4pm  - you are welcome to join from around the world, discussion will be in English.

Before the world changed I wrote a blog and have just been invited to turn it into a workshop. What better time than a cuppa, some cake and a Zoom meet at 4pm on a Friday. This is a workshop and Q&A designed for anyone who needs to market or fundraise for their theatre/arts/creative events - and doesn't have a Mktg/Development department. But is may also be for the CEO of a big arts organisation who just wants to get back to basics and wonder how to inspire their team or their board with cake and a nudge. It is designed to be explored during lockdown/isolation as we begin to prepare for the new dawn.