Thriving and Surviving as an Artist : Online Summer School, Clayhill Arts

  • South West, UK wide [online]
  • combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, photography, visual arts


Join us this June for an online summer school with Rosalind Davis and Justin Hibbs to help you with your creative career and map out how to Thrive and Survive as an artist. 

There will be six workshop sessions, each lasting 2 hours, covering the topics: 

Representing yourself online (and offline) 

Articulating your practice 

Creative Collaborations

Money Matters

Exhibitions and Galleries

The Fine Art of Opportunity (including funding and setting up projects)

The sessions will be delivered online every Monday and Friday throughout June and you can purchase all six sessions for a reduced price of £99 or pick and choose the ones you want to attend and pay £20 per session.

We have also set up a payment plan, so that you can spread the cost of the sessions over the next 4 months. 

For more information visit: