BSDC For Schools - online learning, Balbir Singh Dance Company

  • Yorkshire
  • combined arts, dance, interdisciplinary arts, theatre
  • Susan Burns


We are delighted to announce our online learning platform for children across the UK. BSDC For Schools encompasses a series of online dance tutorials and a dance quiz via our Youtube channel and social media interactions with families as we discover and learn dances from all over the world.

Our team of dedicated dance artists prepared a series of online resources, dance tutorials and games to bring classical Indian dance, ballet, and other dance styles to the comfort or chaos of your living room. Our first series of videos on BSDC For Schools will cover 3 different challenges.

Challenge 1 is all about learning a dance routine with our dancers. We are covering Hawaii-Hula, Ballet, and Kathak. Short videos with step by step instructions, perfect for anyone curious about movement. Think Joe Wicks for dance. Our resources are free of charge and suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2, ages 5-11-years old. Years 1-6. Link below