FREE ONLINE art with artist Brenda Coyle, Mbbcrafts


Join artist Brenda Coyle in one of her weekly meditative art classes.

Relax and create beautiful art using basic materials in your home. These mini taster sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities, just grab some paints, pencils, a few sheets of paper -  watch and enjoy!

These mini taster classes are made in conjuction with her RELAXATION THROUGH ART courses which are hosted in various London based venues and in her gallery studio.

But since lockdown, let us all get together in creativity to fill our homes with wonderful art!

Grab your paints, paper and sit comfortably before we begin - watch and enjoy :)

Send your images to and take part in a 'AFTER LOCKDOWN' exhibition.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to her mailing list, contact Brenda: