Aberfeldy Live! Talkaoke - Online talkshow in East London, The People Speak


Welcome to Talkaoke – an interactive online pop-up talkshow going out live to the world from Aberfeldy Street in Poplar! 

If you live in East London join us for an evening of chat and about anything that’s on your mind and we will put it out it to the world.

We’ve been on the street corners of East London since 1997 and now we’re taking the talk of the town online. Join us on Zoom, Facebook Live, Hangouts and whatever medium works for you - just email us in advance. 

Some of the current subjects are:

  • Is pub culture over? 
  • When will it end? 
  • What’s ‘new normal’? 

Talkaoke is a live, television-style talk show popping out at festivals, clubs, galleries, conferences and on the street. The format is simple: the host sits in the middle of an illuminated round table, and you sit around the outside and talk about whatever comes up.

The People Speak is a group of international artists based in Tower Hamlets.