Writing Funding Bids: online training, Christina Poulton Creative

  • South West, London
  • crafts, combined arts, dance, interdisciplinary arts, literature, museums, photography, music, theatre, visual arts
  • Christina Poulton


A practical, engaging online course for those who are new to writing bids or who want to build their confidence and develop their skills.

Delivered over 3 sessions through a mix of discussion, presentation and exercises to complete in your own time.

Packed full of relevant ideas and activities to put it into action. Delivery will be friendly and hands-on, providing lots of opportunities for sharing tips and asking questions, as well as live examples to apply the information provided.

Full details and tickets available here

Ideal if you're working in a small arts organisation or creating your own projects you want to secure funding for. If you're a freelance creative, interested in an arts career, or if you have just taken on a fundraising role, then this course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to write successful funding bids.

“I feel really empowered by the knowledge you shared. It was easy to understand, constructive and actionable. So thank you so much!” Sarah

“A great mix of practical and informative. I found the whole thing really inspiring and has informed my process massively. I feel like going forward I will be a more successful and confident producer.” Lou

“A really clear and insightful introduction and really motivated me to get writing some bids!” Niki