The Psoas Major Muscle = The Muscle of the Soul - workshop, To Move with Voice project

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What role does the psoas major muscle play in speaking and singing?
Are you someone who is interested in vocal exploration?
Are you curious about the connection between voice and body?

✨ Join us ✨

This workshop will present the findings of my recent research study. The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to the research results. The second part of the workshop will be focused on practical exercises such as physical/vocal warm-ups, guided meditation, and specific poses. Every participant will have an opportunity to learn and connect with the psoas major muscle, restore balance in the body, explore authentic sounds, and release unwanted tensions.


Sunday, 21st June / 10,30am - 12.30pm / online


"Really enjoyed the class, exactly what I need to further explore my vocal ability and to stay in tune with my body. I will be returning." - Sinead

🌸 To Move with Voice project, created in 2015, integrates specific yoga positions with contemporary vocal techniques and aims to support anyone who would like to develop their voice and ability to sing, speak and communicate with greater authenticity.
Run by Michaela: