Culture@Home Free Sonnet writing workshop, Live Art Local CIC


On Wednesday 24th June at 2pm, join author Sarah Bower for a lighthearted workshop that will help you find inspiration in the everyday.  Participants will learn to compose a sonnet inspired by the ordinary domestic objects we're all surrounded by in our homes.

Through this session, you will acquire a simple creative skill to build on beyond the workshop, and who knows, maybe you could be the next Shakespeare or John Donne!

No experience necessary. Clutter -for once - a positive advantage!

To join this workshop you will need writing materials and 14 objects collected from around your own home.  These can be anything from wooden spoons to Dresden shepherdesses, but no family photos, sports trophies or anything else which could identify individuals on screen thank you.

All Culture at Home workshops take place via ZOOM.  Places are free but booking is required, this is done via Eventbrite

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