Summer Solstice/Midsummer Floral Head Garland-Making Workshop, Deep Roots Tall Trees


Deep Roots Tall Trees (DRTT) is offering the opportunity to take part in a FREE online Midsummer/Summer Solstice garland-making workshop run by Corby-based artist, Carole Miles.

This will take place on Zoom on Sunday 21st June 3-5pm.

All you need to take part is a computer or mobile device on which you can link into Carole’s online workshop, some flowers or foliage, florist wire (or similar) and thread.

There are 2 ways you can take part:

  1. If you are unable to join the workshop on Sunday 21st June, you can follow the instructions on Carole’s introduction video (available HERE).
  2. The second option is, of course, to join us online on Sunday 21st

You can also do both if you wish!

This workshop is part of our ACE funded project, "Beyond Corby".

If you would like to take part, please contact the “Beyond Corby” Project Coordinator, Judy Caine via email:

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you decide to go and collect wildflowers rather than using ones out of your own garden, current UK law states that it is not illegal to pick wildflowers, foliage, fruit or fungi as long as it is not for reward, for sale or other commercial purposes. However, many species are protected so stick to abundant species that are growing commonly. If it looks rare and exotic it probably is and should be left. Also, it is forbidden to pick from conservation areas, such as National Nature Reserves (NNRs), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's), National Trust, Ministry of Defence, Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) and public parks. If you are gathering large amounts of foliage or flowers, it is best not to pick from one plant or tree but to take from several. Also, please take extra care around hedges or places where birds may be nesting as it is an offence to disturb them. Finally, it is worth checking under leaves etc. for any insects, larvae or eggs that may be there, for both their and your own safety.