Poetry Competition - The Lockdown Rhythm, Dare to Create


We know many of you have been getting creative with your writing during the Lockdown period.

​Dare to Create believe Poetry and Creativity can be a great way of engaging our minds to explore what, how and why we feel a certain way.

​Now we're coming to the end of Lockdown, a lot of things are still changing and we wanted to take the time to celebrate you and your work.

​Dare to Create are welcoming submissions of poetry you've been writing during Lockdown. This can be on the theme of Lockdown, or any theme you like.

The winning entries will be included in their new poetry collection THE LOCKDOWN RHYTHM which will be available as an ebook. All winners will receive a free copy of the ebook and mention on our website and social media channels.

Deadline for entries is Midnight on 31st July 2020

To enter please visit