Online Workshop: Intimacy in Digital Performance, The Lab Collective

  • London, Nationwide
  • theatre, Other, interactive, immersive, performance, training, workshop
  • Antigoni


Interactive and Immersive performance is facing unique challenges during the current Covid-19 Crisis. As a form that thrives on close contact with audience members and adventures in unique spaces, generating meaningful experiences and performative interactive content on digital platforms can be confusing and time consuming.

As part of a grant from Arts Council England, we have developed two new online workshops for theatre makers who are interested in creating interactive and immersive performance in both physical and digital contexts.

The sessions will be booked on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Intimacy in Digital Performance
Interactive and immersive performance relies upon the creation of intimate and interpersonal connections between performers and audience members. However due to the current global pandemic we have entered an era of interactive digital performance where new questions and challenges have arisen about how we can achieve intimacy in this new medium.

This session will:

  • Explore the technology and how its tools can be used to create intimate connections
  • Investigate the transition between reality and fiction; how we transition from our living room to an immersive world
  • Explore the importance of pre-engagement and how this can be facilitated to feel more personal
  • Help you develop the tools to read and connect with an audience online
  • Help you develop tools to establish online boundaries with an audience
  • Discuss the ethics and mechanics of risk taking digital work

Key information:

  • This workshop session is aimed at performers, performance makers and directors
  • In this workshop we will be primarily exploring one digital platform (ie zoom); however we will be looking at tools and practices that can be applied to other platforms
  • The workshop will be mostly theoretical, however we will be exploring practical applications and there will be opportunities to undertake exercises and tasks which will require elements of performance
  • We will be tackling the difficult situations that sit around risky work and as such, will create a safe space to explore this in
  • If you have any questions, concerns, additional needs or access requirements please contact us in advance