The Speaking Dancer - Online Workshops, Dance Research Studio


‘The Speaking Dancer’ online workshops offer students coming from a professional and or performing arts degree background the opportunity to rethink their relationship to their practice, within the supportive and innovative context of the Dance Research Studio. The workshops will introduce cross disciplinary training methods and stimuli which support the artist as both performer and author. Participants will be required to both direct and be directed within a framework guided by Jacky Lansley and other experienced professional practitioners.  

‘The Speaking Dancer’ is a metaphor and a practice informed by artistic, social and psychological phenomena. Within the west, certainly in the UK, we tend to make a distinction between the voice and the body, or a fierce emphasis on virtuosity which denies expression. Many African, Asian and Eastern European performers find this distinction absurd; so would many performers from different eras in the West.

During the pandemic crisis we have all been severely challenged while struggling to maintain emotional and physical equilibrium within the new and strange reality.  For many it will have been a time of isolation and splitting from the warmth and energy of family and friends. The idea of ‘The Speaking Dancer’ online, suggests the opposite of separation and links to research and practice around the thinking body, vocal dance and body/ mind connectedness.  The workshops will be an opportunity to come together remotely as a group to create, play, learn and explore collaboratively. Focus areas will include:

  • Exploring the dynamics of perception. Developing awareness of one’s own physical and autobiographical patterns. 
  • Emotional embodiment: investigation of senses and feelings in movement and vocalisation, both inside and outside the performance context. 
  • Developing skills and strategies to support both the physical and emotional aspects of performance work. 
  • Developing choreographic and visual skills as both a performer and a maker. 
  • Inhabiting and working with image and visual languages in performance.

Dates: Saturday August 8th 2020 and Saturday October 24th 2020

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