Quiet Revelations, Fabrica

  • South East
  • crafts, film, visual arts
  • Petra Giffard


Fabrica has launched Quiet Revelations - a public participation project where we have been asking the public to share their thoughts to help us create a portrait of our times.

Between May and June 2020 we’ll be gathering and publishing a commentary from as many contributors as possible about what we are learning about ourselves, our loved ones and our wider society through these weeks of self-isolation.

For many, daily life has either become more complicated or much simpler. For some it's become a lot riskier and for others, oppressively safe and boring. It’s an uncanny feeling: our life, but not as we know it.

We hope to achieve a survey of responses to what is undoubtedly a public health crisis but is also a unique global cultural event.

Contributions can be made in the form of a text (100 words max), a short film or an image. 

You can submit your work at and don’t forget to share your images with us on social media #quietrevelations

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