Introducing Scenesaver - supporting & promoting small theatre, Scenesaver

  • London, UK wide
  • dance, theatre, comedy, magic, puppetry, opera
  • Lindsey Berthoud


Scenesaver is a new online hub for performances from offwestend and fringe theatres all over the UK. 

A "Netflix for performance", it's free to register and watch over 90 productions from small theatres of all genres - including inventive shows created during lockdown from home - on our website: New work is being added all the time.

Scenesaver is being talked about all over the world. It has been championed by actress, Zoë Wanamaker, listed by TimeOut Worldwide and is actively engaged with creatives in the theatre industry on Twitter

The founder, Caroline Friedman, a producer and Offies assessor, wanted to make brilliant performance accessible to more people, who for whatever reason, finance, childcare, mobility issues, can't ever attend a live performance in a room above a pub. Then lockdown happened and none of us could. 

So we are doing our bit during this difficult time to support theatre, promote talent, invite new audiences to discover fab performances, and during the pandemic to ask users for donations which go 100% to the creatives.

But Scenesaver will be here for the long-term, to promote small theatre talent and make their performances accessible to many more people.