When the Birds Sang: Ideas Catcher, Theatre Hullabaloo


Theatre Hullabaloo would like to invite children up to the age of 10 to draw a picture, write a poem, send a few words, or make a video about what they are thinking and how they are feeling to inspire them to do some brilliant things at The Hullabaloo.

“When Coronavirus came, that was when the birds sang” (Lily, 8 years old)

We know that this is a strange time for everybody and that during this period of lockdown lots of families are spending much more time playing and talking together. Some of you have been in touch with us to tell us about the brilliant ideas and vivid dreams that your children are having, as well as the things they are noticing – the air smells a bit fresher and the birds seem to be singing more loudly.

They would like you to help to capture these and the chats that are happening between you and your children, in order to inspire Theatre Hullabaloo to do two exciting things at The Hullabaloo:

  • to make a brilliant new play installation that will be available at The Hullabaloo when we can all get together to play again.
  • to create a beautiful new show for the babies who are being born at the moment for when they are a little older and able to enjoy it.

Deadline for artwork - 30 June 

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