"Reloaded" Symposium, The Lab Collective

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Imagining the future of Interactive, Immersive and Participatory Performance

Forum Sessions: 17th, 18th, 19th July 2020

Over three days The Lab Collective will host "Reloaded", a free online symposium to engage in a collaborative dialogue that explores the challenges our industry faces in the wake of Covid - 19 and beyond. 

Each day within the symposium will be forum based and address the following topics: 
17th of July - Returning to Physical Spaces
18th of July - Reaching Audiences
19th of July - Inclusive Practice 

Who is it for?

"Reloaded" is designed to engage with professionals working within immersive, interactive and participatory performance:

- Producers
- Professional creative practitioners (including directors, facilitators and performers)
- Behind the scenes workers (including designers, scenic makers, technicians, technical specialists and production & stage managers)

The sessions will explore topics from the perspectives of these roles, democratising the conversation, helping us understand the challenges production teams face as we move back into physical spaces and explore new roles in digital productions. 

Funded Places

In addition to the free places available, we recognise the challenges that freelancers in the arts are facing and have created 15 funded places per forum session.

For a funded place, please apply by 5pm on Wednesday the 1st July; we will be in touch by Friday 3rd July to let you know if we're able to allocate you a place so if you haven't heard from us by then, please get in touch by emailing  
We'll be assessing applications on a rolling basis.

For more detailed information on the symposium and to apply for a place, please follow the link below: