What do audiences for arts and culture want from organisations?, Crystallised


4 August, 11am - 1pm

When lockdown began, we started asking the public weekly questions about arts, culture & entertainment, four months in, we tell all.

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Does Culture Matter? is a mass participation research project. It started in March 2020, and now some 1,000 people (UK based) each week are signed up to give their opinions on arts, culture and entertainment.

We wanted to understand how our relationship with culture is changing because of COVID-19, what it was like before, perhaps if our own definitions of what culture means are changing and what we might want it to look like after COVID-19.

Now, we'll share all that information with arts and culture organisations, so that the audience (or, not-yet-audiences) are in the room.

This is the first time we will present findings from the project, four months in. Including one month of data since a cultural re-opening began on 4 July.

Sign up, ask questions, find out something new and put audiences at the centre of your decision making.

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