Cut & paste 6 month Painters Residency, Platform Southwark


Cut & paste is a new 6 month studio residency for up to four artists who:

(a) can show a sustained engagement with painting and/or drawing, and
(b) have been adversely affected by the pandemic (e.g. struggling to rent a studio)

The name 'Cut & paste' was chosen to celebrate the persistence of the visual arts, and recognise the impact that the contemporary world continues to have on those practices.

This residency will take place beginning in July-August period and culminating in early 2021 with a group show. Our definitions of painting and drawing are broad, and our ideal cohort would represent a range of practices.

Social activity forms a core component of this residency: Artists-in-residence are expected to make time for communal activities such as dinners and group crits.

DEADLINE: 27 July 2020

for more information and to apply, visit