The Artist and Story: Exploring Autonomy in the Creative Process,

  • London, Nationally and Internationally
  • combined arts, dance, film, interdisciplinary arts, photography, music, theatre, visual arts
  • Berta Del Ben


– an online course led by Cat Gerrard, with Lionel Ménard and Adi Weinberg

03 – 07 August 2020 (mornings) / or / 17 – 21 August 2020 (evenings)
Workshop Price 150€; Maximum 15 participants

This workshop offers a practice-based lab space to explore a story of your choice and to investigate your own artistic autonomy in a mentored environment. Each day will begin with a warm-up by Gaga-teacher Adi Weinberg and continue to explore a new theme of embodied research which you will explore with your own story. Themes will include: the Poetic Body – the movements in and of a story, sitting with an image; Characters, Types and Archetypes – approaching, researching and embodying those close to and far from you; Writing – deepening the connection to and tuning your own “voice”. Through these themes we will address the different aspects of the individual creator: the performer, the writer and the director. We will explore how we can embody every role in the artistic process to deepen our autonomy, whether we plan to work solo or with others, in a specific role or taking on all roles ourselves. The story you choose can be something you are already working with or would like to work with.

Sessions will be a mix of guided work, group discussion, individual tasks and one-on-one mentoring time with Cat and Lionel (2 x 30 min sessions with each). One week after the workshop you can digitally submit your project to the team and receive feedback on it. There will be a private online forum available for you to document and share your processes and experiences. There will also be supporting material – reading, watching, listening – available in advance of the workshop.

This workshop is suitable for all who work with story in any way – performers, directors, writers, dramaturgs, musicians, visual artists, photographers, interdisciplinary artists. You should be interested in exploring an embodied approach to your process and be ready to work on your story, towards a sharing. 
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